Technical Questions

What is a Tri-Tone LED Ceiling Light?

If you’ve noticed that, congratulations! You had just took the first step in allowing the ambience of your home/business to be changed with a flick of the switch. 

The Tri-Tone option for LED Ceiling light allows you to instantly (ok, 1.5 seconds in between actually) change between three light temperatures. 

The first is 3000K Warm, the light emitted is yellowish with orange hues, similar to that of a sunset. Bask yourself in a cozy & relaxing environment with this light temperature! 

The second is 4500K Cool White, the light emitted is white with a tinge of yellow-orange. This is the most suitable for your lounging soul, or when you just want to lepak & lie around without a care. 

The third is 6000K Daylight, as you may have guessed from the name, it is most similar to looking out the window in daylight. The light emitted is white, with a slight blue tinge, making it the preferred choice for carrying out tasks! 


What is a Remote Controlled Dimmable LED Ceiling Light?

The remote controlled dimmable function, encompasses the tri-tone function mentioned above, allowing you to change the light temperatures, not only with your switch but with the remote control that we provide you with. 

The remote also allows you to adjust the brightness of your LED lights, dimming it or brightening it back up when you deem necessary. In addition, when you leave your wall switch at the 'on' mode, you will be able to turn on/off your lights using that same remote. 

How convenient is that? Handy Dandy functions offering you more convenience without all the hassle, simply install and you will be able to use the remote functions right away! Perfect for those who love their bed more than anything else. 


If I Only Have 1 Lighting Point, Would I Be Able To Install 3 Pendant Lights?

Great news, the answer is yes! We do have the canopy, in either black/white and round/rectangle for you to choose from. The canopy is the base plate which holds up all 3 pieces of your Pendant Lights and comes with an attachment for holding the 3 wires together.

Simply let us know if you need the extended canopy so that you may install 3 pendant lights with only 1 lighting point. The canopy can be purchased here. Otherwise, if you have 3 lighting points for each individual lighting, you may do away with the canopy.


What type of LED Bulb should I use?

This is subjective to your own needs, different brands have different wattage, sizes and other specifications. Unless, the pendant lights effectively limits the size of your bulb, we will usually not provide the bulbs for you. You may top-up an additional $5.00 for a 5W LED bulb (Choice of Warm/Daylight), if you would like to get 1 to go with your pendant lights. 

Please refer to individual products specifications to determine if the bulb uses E27, E14, G4 or etc of bulb head.