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Lux-Lumens | Installation Coupon

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Installation Coupons

What's the point of purchasing super-chio lights if they are not installed in your homes? To provide a seamless experience for your purchase with Lux-Lumens, we've decided to provide installation services too!

P.S, we do not profit from any installation charges :p

FAQ Here

What does the installation costs cover?
Installation charges cover existing lighting points only. If you require additional electrical service, such as 'moving a lighting point', please contact us for a separate quote.

What are the installation costs?
The installation for the 1st piece of a LED ceiling light or Pendant light is chargeable at SGD$50.00. Subsequent pieces are chargeable at $SGD10.00

How many installation coupons do I need to purchase?
You only need to purchase the corresponding amount of coupons for the LED ceiling light or Pendant light that requires installation. 

For example, if you purchase 5 ceiling lights and require installation for all 5 of them. You add 1x 'First piece' to the cart, then add 4x of 'Second piece onwards' to the cart. 

If you only need installation for 3 out of the 5 ceiling lights, then you may add 1x 'First piece' to the cart, thereafter add 2x of 'Second piece onwards' to the cart.

How do I arrange for installation?
You may leave a note when checking out to indicate your preferred installation date. Please choose a date 2-weeks from the day you checked out the cart. We will be in contact shortly to arrange the installation for you!

May I source for other contractors or installers?
Of course, you may do so. If you already have a package with your interior designers or contractors, more often than not, they do include installation for lights over existing points. 

You may also source for your own contractors or installers if you know of any that will be able to provide you with the necessary services. 

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