Pendant Lights for Dining, Beside & Island Counters

Pendant Lights for Dining, Beside & Island Counters

Now that we've gotten some basics parameters of the lights in our heads, I would like to introduce to you, our pretty and eye-catching pendant lights collection! 

Pendant lights are gaining popularity in Singapore, because they not only allow homeowners to create ambient lighting, it also focuses lighting on a general/specific area. Not to mention the decorative purpose they will serve! 

Pendant lights have the ability to act as an eye-catching decorative piece in your home against a plain backdrop if you are looking to quickly decorate a space such as your kitchen/island counter-top pendant lights are what you should be looking at! 


Pendant Lights - For Island Counter Tops

From as low as $65.00/piece, you'll be able to decorate your air-space with pretty and dainty Modern pendant lights, if that is not your thing, the Scandinavian Pendant lights are your safest bet to complement any design themes you are undertaking.

We also have the ever-popular Vintage/industrial themed pendant lights you may have searched high and low to complement your industrial-themed homes!



Pendant Lights - For Dining Area

Your dining area is most often the lack-lustre part of your living room, you already have a ceiling light/fan installed right above your sofa and TV console, you also bought some glassware and a dainty little vase, topped with fresh blooms to decorate your dining table. But how about the air-space? Don't leave that empty! 

Check out some of our collections of Modern pendant lights, Scandinavian Pendant lights & Vintage/industrial themed pendant lights to hang over your table! 


Pendant Lights - Bedside

How about other air-spaces in your house that you'd like to fill? Bed-side table lamps take up the precious space on your drawers or nightstands. Hang a pendant light right above it to free up precious space and show off how designer-streak in you! 

From just $65.00 inclusive of free-delivery, you can now decorate your air-space with this dainty little pendant light


Now that you've seen how versatile and these pretty pendant lights can decorate your spaces, take $5.00 off with the promo code: 'LuxPendant' when you shop with us online! 

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