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Grabas - Monochromatic LED Ceiling Light


Product Description


  • Monochromatic Colours
  • Ultra Sleek & Avant Garde Design
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Ultra-Thin 5 CM Thickness
  • Flushed to the Ceiling
  • Optional Tri-Tone - Toggle Light Temperatures
  • Optional Remote Adjustable For Dimming Lights
  • Energy Saving LED Lenses
  • New Generation Projection LED Lenses
  • Easy-on-your-Eyes LEDs
  • 160° Wide Angle Projection 
  • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) - 90
  • Free Local Delivery - No Minimum Purchase


Optional - Remote Dimmable Option (Plug & Play)
The Remote Dimmable comes with a little handy-dandy remote control that allows you to dim the lights, turn on/off your lights & also toggle between three light temperatures - 3000K / 4500K / 6000K. They will work with existing wall switches & no modifications of any sort are required as the control module & LEDs driver are built-in & integrated. 

Optional - Tri-Tone Option - (Plug & Play)
The Tri Tone option allows you to toggle between light temperatures 3000K / 4500K / 6000K. They will work with existing wall switches & no modifications of any sort are required as the control module & LEDs driver are built-in & integrated. 

Complement your Modern Theme Homes! 
You can look forward to brightly-lit and extremely modern lighting when you enter your home! Living room lighting & bedroom lighting will never look the same! Browse through our pictures & reviews to see how well they complement various modern themed homes. 

Draw the Envy of your Visitors
You can bet they will be asking where you got your super-chio led ceiling lights from, or multiple envious glances at your ambience. While we appreciate that you'd spread the word for us, it's ok even if you want to keep it your little secret. 

Suitable for a Variety of uses! 
Whether your home for your new BTO flat's home lighting, Resale flat home lighting, Condominium home lighting, Landed Properties home lighting, Office lighting, Commercial Space Lighting, Retail Shops Lighting, Lounge area lighting, you can be sure that a modern statement piece like this would fit in seamlessly!

    Warranty: 6 Months on LEDs, 1 Year on Body

    Dimensions (Width x Thickness):

    • 30 CM x 5 CM - 24 Watts (Single Light Temp Only)
    • 40 CM x 5 CM - 36 Watts (Tri Tone / Remote Dimming Option)
    • 50 CM x 5 CM - 48 Watts (Tri Tone / Remote Dimming Option)

    Light Source: 

    • Surface Mounted LEDs Chips (Replaceable)
    • Taiwan-Made LEDs

    Colours Available

    • Acrylic White
    • Acrylic Black

    Suitable Areas

    • 24 Watts - Hallway Lighting, Walkways Lighting. Bathroom Lighting, Balcony Lighting, Bomb Shelter Lighting, Storeroom Lighting, Service Yard Lighting - Up to 5 square meters

    • 36 Watts - Kitchen Lighting, Dining Table Lighting, Dining Area Lighting, Small Bedroom Lighting - Up to 8 square meters

    • 48 Watts - Master Bedroom Lighting, Living Room Lighting, Study Room Lighting - Up to 12 square meters


    Professional Workmanship

    Engage our installers to perform the required works for your new purchase!

    For High Ceilings > 2.8 meters in height, kindly contact us separately for a quotation on the works required.  

    For Other Electrical Works such as shifting of Electrical Points, False Ceiling Works and installation of other Products, Kindly Contact Us 


    Installation rates are included for Packaged Sets



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        4. Any other general inquiries related to our lighting products.

        We will be glad to assist you to the best that we can, as quickly as possible!

        Free Delivery!

        Only getting 1 item?
        Fret not, enjoy free local deliveries with no minimum purchase required! 
        As we are a fully-online lighting gallery, we will not be able to cater for self-collection due to the location of the warehouse we utilise.
        Delivery is expected to take anywhere from FIVE to NINE working days.
        Our appointed logistics provider will contact you to arrange for delivery one day before its slated to be delivered.
        For Packages & Items with more than 10 QTYs, Lead time of 2 weeks is required.

        Singapore's Fully-Online Lighting Gallery - Pendant Lights, LED Ceiling Lights & LEDs Wall Lamps. Get your Grabas - Monochromatic LED Ceiling Light for your BTO Home Lighting, Resale Home Lighting, EC / Condo Home Lighting, Landed Lighting, Restaurants Lighting, Offices Lighting, Hotels & Retail Lighting.

        Grabas - Monochromatic LED Ceiling Light