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Luxüs - Rose Gold Pendant Light


Product Description


  • Classic Bowl/Dish/Globe Shapes
  • Modern meets Ultra-Luxury
  • Luxurious Rose Gold-Plated Chrome Colour
  • Modern Classy Design - x100 high-SES points
  • Five Luxurious Designs Available
  • Light Bulbs Not Included
  • Easy Bulb Replacement and Maintenance
  • Up to 40% savings on utilities - LED Compatible
  • Free Local Delivery - No Minimum Purchase!




    • Model A - 30 x 16 CM
    • Model B - 30 x 25 CM
    • Model C - 29 x 22 CM
    • Model D - 20 x 23 CM
    • Model E - 25 x 26 CM

    Default Cord Length: 120 cm

    Recommended Cord Length: 50 cm

    Light Bulb Base Type: E27

    Approx. Illuminance Area: 5m^2

    Suitable For

    • Balcony & Dining Area
    • Kitchen/Island Counter Top
    • Restaurant/Cafe Seating Area
    • Hotel Lounge/Room 
    • Retail Shops





        Why Buy This?



        1. Modern meets Ultra-Luxury

        The Rose Gold-Bowl Pendant Light achieves it luxurious finishes through an electroplating process that enables the chrome colours to stay on the lamp's body permanently. Create a Modern ambience in your home by fitting it with 6000K temperature Daylight LED, or a softer yet luxurious ambience with a 4500K temperature Cool-White LED. 

        2. Popular Rose Gold Colour
        Rose Gold colours are all the hype now! Why not get a rose gold coloured pendant lighting to furnish your place? Be a trend-follower and the coolest-kid in your block now! Watch as the ultra-luxury rose gold colours add a high-SES ambience to your area.

        3. Shave off the dollars & cents on your electrical bills.
        Immediately save up to 40% of on your monthly utilities by fitting your lamps with a LED bulb! Fit it with a smart bulb to enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling your lights & dimming them to suit your ambience. Stretch your dollars more than ever! Environmentally conscious? Checked!

        4. Captivate and Market! 
        Help your patrons take insta-worthy shots of their meals by providing them with great lighting and a well-decorated interior. Have them become your online marketers! #instafoodie #LightsGameOnPoint


        Luxüs - Rose Gold Pendant Light