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Minimalist (II) - LEDs Ceiling Light


Product Description


  • Intricate Minimalist Lines
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • 10 CM Thickness, Flushed to the Ceiling
  • Tri-Tone - Toggle Between 3000K, 4500K & 6500K
  • Remote Adjustable For Dimming Lights
  • Energy Saving LEDs Lens
  • New Generation Projection LED Lens
  • Easy-on-your-Eyes LEDs
  • 160° Wide Angle Projection 
  • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) - 80
  • Free Local Delivery - No Minimum Purchase



    Minimalist Designer - Boxed LED Ceiling Light
    Wattage (W) 24 36 48
    Lumens (lm) 2160 3240 4320
    Colour Rendering Index 80
    Material Aluminium & Acrylic



    42*42*10 cm 52*52*10 cm 62*62*10 cm
    Illuminated Area 5-8m^2 8-10m^2 10-12 m^2




        Why Buy This?



          Complement your Modern Theme Homes! 
          You can look forward to brightly-lit and extremely modern lighting when you enter your home! Browse through our pictures to see how well they complement various modern themed homes. 

          We use only the highest quality materials that have been certified with UL, CE & Rohs compliant. All LED drivers are integrated into the ceiling lamp to avoid any quality/safety issues. All LED items come with a 1 Year warranty. We will send you a replacement LED module/strip should there be any issues with your spanking-new led lights.  

          Draw the Envy of your Visitors
          You can bet they will be asking where you got your super-chio led ceiling lights from, or multiple envious glances at your ambience. While we appreciate that you'd spread the word for us, it's ok even if you want to keep it your little secret.

          Suitable for a Variety of uses! 
          Whether your home is a new BTO flat, Resale flat, Condominium, Landed Properties, Office, Commercial space, Retail shops, Lounge area, you can be sure that a modern statement piece like this would fit in nicely! 


            Monochromatic & Minimalist LEDs Ceiling Light in Beautiful & Fun Colours and Extra Bright Light Projection. For all BTO Lighting, Resale Lighting, Condo Lighting, EC Lighting, Landed Lighting, Restaurants Lighting, Hotel Lighting, Cafe Lighting & Retail Lighting

            Minimalist (II) - LEDs Ceiling Light