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Sfëra (II) - Globe Pendant Light


Product Description


  • Classic Globe Pendant Light
  • Gold Coloured Handles - 'high SES' looks
  • Three Globe Sizes: 20 CM, 25 CM & 30 CM
  • Electro Plated Gold Handles for Long Lasting Effects
  • Soft-Glowing Illuminance 
  • Great for Creating a Soothing Ambience
  • Ideal as Bedside Lamps
  • Relatively Easy Maintenance
  • Light Bulb Not Included
  • Up to 40% savings on utilities - LEDs Compatible
  • Free Local Delivery - No Minimum Purchase!




    Minimalist Globe Pendant Light
    Options Available 20 cm 25 cm 30 cm
    Dimensions (W x H) 25 x 70 cm  30 x 70 cm 35 x 70 cm

    Default Cord Length: 120 cm

    Rec. Pendant Cord Length: 30 cm

    Light Bulb Base Type: E27

    Approx. Illuminance Area: 5m^2

    Suitable For
    • Balcony & Dining Area
    • Kitchen/Island Counter Top
    • Restaurant/Cafe Seating Area
    • Hotel Lounge/Room
    • Bed-side
    • Retail Shops



            Why Buy This?

               1. Minimalist Meets Modern
              The Sfëra (II) - Globe Pendant Light exudes a luxurious charm that is bound to captivate its owner. Create a Modern ambience in your home by fitting it with 6000K temperature Daylight LED, or a softer yet luxurious ambience with a 4500K temperature Cool-White LED. 

              2. Captivate and Market! 
              Help your patrons take insta-worthy shots of their meals by providing them with great lighting and a well-decorated interior. Have them become your online marketers! #instafoodie #LightsGameOnPoint

              3. Shave off the dollars & cents on your electrical bills.
              Immediately save up to 40% on your monthly utilities by fitting your lamps with a LED bulb! Fit it with a smart bulb to enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling your lights & dimming them to suit your ambience. Stretch your dollars, the skies are the limit. Environmentally conscious? Checked!

                  Perfect Bedside Lamp! Minimalist Globe Pendant Light, Gold Lamp Handles and Soft Glowing Hues of LED Light for all BTO Lighting, Resale Lighting, EC Lighting, Condo Lighting, Landed Lighting, Cafe Lighting & Retail Lighting.

                  Sfëra (II) - Globe Pendant Light