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Yin Yang (III) - Round LEDs Ceiling Light


Product Description


  • Monochromatic Colours
  • Modern & Minimalist Exterior
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • 7 CM Thickness, Flushed to the Ceiling
  • Tri-Tone - Toggle Light Temperatures 
  • Remote Adjustable For Dimming Lights
  • Energy Saving LEDs Lens
  • New Generation Projection LED Lens
  • Easy-on-your-Eyes LEDs
  • 160° Wide Angle Projection 
  • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) - 80
  • Free Local Delivery - No Minimum Purchase



    Yin-Yang II | Round LED Ceiling Light
    Wattage (W) 12 20 30 36
    Lumens (lm) 1080 1800 2700 3240
    Colour Rendering Index 80
    Material Wrought Iron & Acrylic



    28*7 cm 38*7 cm 48*7 cm 58*7 cm
    Illuminated Area 5-8m^2 8-10m^2 10-13m^2 10-13m^2
    Light Temperature Daylight 6000K Daylight 6000K, Tri-Tone 3000/4500/6000K, Remote Adjustable 3000-6000K
    Suitable For Toilets, Hallways, Walkways & Service Yard Small Bedrooms, Kitchen & Bomb Shelters Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Offices, Study Room & Recreational Spaces




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        Yin Yang (III) - Round LEDs Ceiling Light